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Letter from the President


Hello and welcome to the website of the Epsilon Kappa chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma!  

When I was going through recruitment just two short years ago, I wasn't even sure I belonged in a sorority.  I had no real reason for rushing beyond "I felt like it," in fact I had no concrete idea of what being in a sorority meant.  Further, I had no idea I would be the president of such an amazing organization.  I can genuinely say that in kappa, I found my home.  I found the girls to motivate me into the leadership positions I never had in high school, I found a family who has stuck by my side through the ups and the downs, and I found and organization that brings out the best in me.

Kappa has given me the confidence that I often struggled with before - I never feel the need to wear makeup or nice clothes.  Kappa has allowed me to express every part of myself - my failures, my love for writing and art, my flaws, my ambition to lead a life full of travel memories, good friends, good food, and so much more.  

Every day, I am surrounded by women who inspire me to be the best version of myself and as president, I get to work with some truly amazing women who will change the world and don't even know it yet. 

One of my favorite parts of kappa is our philanthropy, Reading is Fundamental.  As an English and Journalism major,  I am completely in love with books.  However, some kids, especially in the greater Columbia area, don't have the fortune of owning books.  With Reading is Fundamental, we not only raise money to provide kids with books but we visit local elementary schools monthly and read to the kids, and they get to take home a book at the end of the day.  I believe it is the little moments in life that give us meaning and something as simple as giving a child their first book could lead them to a future of being a teacher, lawyer, or novelist.  In fact, these elementary school visits affect the sisters of kappa as much as the kids.

I am so grateful for the memories Kappa has given me, especially the simple ones.  My favorite memory from kappa was driving around freshman year in my friend's old red pick-up truck.  We picked up a few of our sisters, blared country music, and drove around Columbia until the sun set.  In this moment, I felt pure and unadulterated joy, and I strive each moment in my life to be that happy.  Without kappa, I would not have those friends and I would not have those memories. Without kappa, my four years at Carolina would not be the same.  

Please take a look around our website to see a little bit of what has made kappa my home! If you have any questions, please reach me at  


Rachyl Jones 

President of Epsilon Kappa 

Kappa Kappa Gamma