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Our House

Our beautiful house located on Lincoln Street in Columbia, South Carolina is home to 31 of our lovely members.

Living in the house means living with your best friends. There is always someone to hang out with and always something fun to do when living with thirty of your sisters. Whether it's taking spontaneous adventures around Columbia or just sitting in the lounge watching TV, you always have someone there to laugh with you. Living in the house is also very convenient, being so close to campus. You can easily walk or take the shuttle to class without having to worry about finding a parking spot. Living in the Kappa house is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that will leave you with deeper friendships and lasting memories. We have also been very blessed with w the best house mom in the Greek Village (I mean she did win Property Manager of the Year at the Greek Awards) Samantha!! She is always there to help when the printer is jammed, we are out of cereal, or if you just need a listening ear.

I moved into the house freshman year and have never looked back! I always know whenever I'm feeling down I can walk into the lounge and find someone to laugh with! I have lived there 5 semesters so far and am looking forward to moving back in to enjoy my last two semesters in college with all of my Kappa house girls! Plus, you get to become besties with Chef B, a.k.a the best chef ever! - Rachel Rorie